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a Pure Belgian Craftmanship story

by  Erwin Maddens 

After more than 40 years of experience on the market as “Interieur Maddens”, the moment has come to realize my dream. As Interieur Maddens is known for it’s good reputation in the upper segment and a clear understanding of the customers’ requirements, I wanted to create my own brand Curvée with a clear product vision.

With a dedicated team, a wide network of exclusive suppliers and an optimized factory, Interior Maddens is known as a specialist in customization and has been able to make many interior dreams come true throughout the years.

Curvée* is the icing on the cake in my career and stands for a whole new world opening up to me, where I can fully express my knowledge and creativity. From start to finish, i use the highest quality materials in a smart and eye-catching design.

 That’s what Curvée stands for.

The Brand concept

Under the Curvée brand, we offer a total solution to professionals who want to create trendy, unique and high quality interior spaces in a short time frame. Completely adaptable to the client needs and very important, easy to install.


Curvee is the combination of our expertise and our collection of wall covering and units for home spaces that suits both the retail and contract market. All products are customizable, require no prior study, have short lead times, and are easy to place and connect.

Curvée Wall Covering

The Curvée wall covering is a handmade wall solution, ...

Curvée Units Concept

Curvée Units is a handmade and a stand-alone interior design concept

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